Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting There...

So it's been a while since I've posted on here, but that does not mean that there hasn't been any's quite the opposite, where I'm nearing completion. VERY EXCITING!

Anyway, there's a long list of things that have been completed, ranging from fixing the animation in the previous post (and doing it much more efficiently!), as well as completing the motion for the rest of the piece, Getting into Realflow 5, learning how to use it, and getting my fluid simulations working and back into Maya, as well as building, rigging, animating, and texturing a fish (more on that below), and a lot of shading work. We are nearing the final steps. I need to work on fixing up the weights on the muscle rig now that the animation is complete, then do some environmental shading, light, render, and composite. Bottom line is...THE END IS IN SIGHT!

Now since I know those of you that follow this blog are probably dying to see something, I present to you Enchodus (Also known as the "Sabor-Toothed Herring")

Texture Map from ZBrush (Includes, Diffuse, Baked Ambient Occlusion, and Cavity Map)

Enjoy, and Seeya soon!