Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hang in there Everyone

For those of you that do not know, the animation has been completed. A lot has happened since the last post, including hours upon hours of animating, tweaking, reanimating, lighting, shading, work with dynamic curves and particles, compositing, and most importantly rendering.

There are only a few things left at this point. There are some small editing/compositing tweaks that I have to do still, and there is my tome of a document to finish, which I have been working on, and am aiming to try to complete a full draft sometime this week. Anyway, the reason there is no link to the finished piece, is because I want to wait until it is officially been finished to unleash on the world. I am also working on trying to get post-sound work done for it.

Anyway, be patient and it'll be up soon enough. Here's a sneak peak:

Thanks for checking in!

  -Evan B.