Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Thoracosaurus neocesariensis

Friday, January 29, 2010

Look What I Found!!!

Hey hey hey, I was able to dig this bad boy out from the depths of the scanning laptop.

Putting it together went really quick too...I think it's because A.) I am getting much faster at this thing....and B.) There are lots of pointy bits on it that make it really easy to match. Very exciting...because this means that SCAN STITCHING IS COMPLETE!!! soon as I can figure out how to get all of this geometry to render without crashing any of the 3D packages, I'll be sure to render an image of the complete fossil material. In the meantime it means I need to do a lot of reading so I can start modeling the missing pieces...oh yes, and muscle system research has been going on as well.

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